Testimonials from a few of our valued clients - We are proud to let our clients speak for us. Our Clients are our top priority! has been awesome with us. We’ve been in business for over 7 years and switched managing company usually annually. We’ve been with Attacker for 3 years and it seems we’re there for the long run. Service never decreased over time which is awesome, we hope we’ll continue to use the service as they work great and know their stuff extremely well! -Maxime Lacroix, Canada

I needed some critical work done on a server recently and these guys responded and took the task on with flawless execution. was just superb in their work and communication. If you are looking for a server management company I highly recommending Thank you! -Todd, Oklahoma City

Really Professional and 100% Reliable. A company on whom you can rely for your server management without having to worry about anything. I have used their server management and security services in the past and they were absolute fantastic with their work. They kept me updated on all the latest 0-day vulnerabilities and patched them without me asking them to do. Great People to work specially with native english tongue. Keep up the good work lads! -Glenn Gonsalves, Australia

The team at Attacker.NET are experienced and knows what they are doing. Their prices are one of the best in the market for the amount and quality of services rendered. Even though my package does not include a certain scope of support, they have often gone beyond for me. I would strongly recommend their services to anyone who is looking for a long term stable management team. -Jansen Khoo, Singapore

Before, i had actually tried out a few companies, however NONE were as fast and professional as One even took 3 days, just to compile a kernel with ext4 support. These guys ( really know what they're doing, and i highly recommend them for anyone needing their services. Good job! -Bhavic, New Zealand

Over the past few months, we had a nagging issue with one of our web hosting servers being unstable. After being unable to find the problem ourselves, we decided to hire someone to look at the server and hopefully be able to fix it. We ended up having to try a few different companies/admins (some more mainstream, and other smaller ones). Each time the admin that worked on the server would either find nothing, or make a few adjustments and say it seemed to be fixed. Even after all this, the issue still persisted. Finally we tried Attacker.Net. After 3 hours of hunting and tweaking, we were told that the problem should be fixed and that they would continue to monitor the server for the next 48 hours. One month later, the server is flying we haven't heard a peep from our monitoring system! it is an excellent price for their expertise. -TAK, North America