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How to access your Server/VPS via SSH

Before you can login to your server, you need to ensure the following prerequisites are met:

  1. You have and know your super or root usernames & passwords information.
  2. Your server IP address or hostname to connect to & Your correct SSH port.
  3. You have a SSH client such as Putty.

 We're going to be using PuTTY to connect to your VPS or dedicated server via SSH. If you don't already have an SSH client, we recommend that you download PuTTY.

If you are trying to directly connect from a Linux or Mac terminal via SSH, please note the format of the command would need to be in this format:

[Matt ~]$ ssh [email protected] -p 22

OR ssh [email protected] -p 22 For example: ssh [email protected] -p 22

OR ssh [email protected] -p 22 (You must use your correct hostname)

You can use Putty to connect to your VPS or dedicated server easily via SSH. You just need to specify your server ip, ssh port, user & pass and you should be able to connect to your server.

NOTE: Please don't perform any tasks or execute any commands yourself via SSH if you are not familiar or an experienced linux user or administrator to avoid causing any downtime, damage or data loss.


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